Project S.A.F.E.

Session 6: Of the Past Foggy Minds

An arrow with a message lands at the top of the flying island, out of nowhere. The letter is addressed to Chefs, mentions Cassandra, and is signed the Vicar of Keeran. Claret freaks out recognizing this organization and pleads with the party to explore this trap. When she learns that a life could be on the line she calms a bit but warns them to be weary.

Upon traveling by horse to the location mentioned in the letter, they find dead mercenaries, ravens, and the Vicar of Keeran. Cassandra awaits the party drinking tea. Apparently she was also transformed into a Tiefling during the long sleep and that she killed all these men.

After a brief reunion, she tells the party that she knows where to find information about what happened during their rest and about their Tiefling transformation. The location just happens to be under their meeting spot. Below there is a giant cavern with a large door she could not open. Charles is able to read the ancient writing and the door opens.

Here, they learn that the plane of the Abyss once tried to merge with the Prime Material Plane which caused all the havoc. This shrine location predicted this merger centuries ago. At the end of the temple is a rock shrine giving off positive and negative energy. Cassandra wishes to destroy it. She says it is the restricting the Tieflings, without it they could become something greater. A voice from the shine agrees with that statement but warms the party that they shouldn’t trust her.

After a conflict with a black ooze and zombies, the party decided to leave the shine alone for now. Cassandra says her goodbyes having other business to attend to. She promises she will return though.

Back on Tal’Nox, Alaric was busy. The two options he came out with was that the Naomi would have to be killed or come to terms with her change. She can never go back to who she was or a pure succubus. The middle route is the only option. Gwen offers to help the girl with this training.

Secondly, Alaric comes to the conclusion that the dwarf girl was chosen to time travel. He says that time travel is taxing on both the body and mind – only something strong in both could survive it. Though she lost her memories, anyone else would have been killed. He believes her mission to be important but he doesn’t know what it is for certain.

Lastly, Alaric comes up with a way to heal the mind of the cursed sword. Through a ritual involving several specific elements, the party will be able to enter the mind of the blade – Sola. The girl has been traumatically beaten and experimented on her whole life. Unlike Zack’Hei, Sola’s previous master forced her to bond with her and she resented him for it. When an opportunity finally arose, she transformed into a blade, possessed a suit of armor, and murdered her master in his sleep. Although the party succeeded in freeing her from the evils of her memories, the blade is uncertain about her next move.


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