Unknown "Kiley"


She was first discovered as one of the frozen in time figures at the ‘control center’ of Tal’Nox. The party recognized from her pose that she was some sort of commander. The robe she wore allowed for no armor and showed no weapons. After Tal’Nox had power returned to it, a green lightning bolt shot through Gwen and to the commander – specifically their earnings. The girl, while confused, held an air of confidence about her. Something then appeared to attack her mind and send spiral her into a deep pain. When asked her name, she asked for different questions. It seemed incredibly important to her to explain the two names written on her arm. One was Gwen and the other was Demitrix; one she had to protect and the other she had to kill. She passed out in Gwen’s armes before being able to explain her situation any further.

Alaric believes that whoever sent her through time chose her due to the strength in both her mind and body. From what he’s researched, time dispersal always has harsh consequences on the objects which travel. He thinks a lesser person would have been destroyed by such a feet. “Kiley,” a name she gave to herself after Gwen asked, seems to be all intact except the complete loss of her memory.


Unknown "Kiley"

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