While originally encountered as the “Temple Guardian” in the shape of a greatsword, Sola is a ‘teenage’ human who underwent the same experiment as Zack’Hei and his father. Unlike Zack, Sola’s previous master forced her to bond with her and she resented him for it. When an opportunity finally arose, she transformed into a blade, possessed a suit of armor, and murdered her master in his sleep.

Since her master’s death, Sola has gone mad. She has killed anyone who has tried to approach her while complaining about being alone. From her very parents to her master, she has never been treated kindly and always been viewed as a tool. The party was able to enter her memories through a ritual Alaric setup. They freed her from her overwhelming suffering but she has yet to make any sort of decisions of action. Sola seems to want to trust the party but past history makes her second guess them.



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