Project S.A.F.E.

Session 5: Tal’Nox Rises

As the party prepares to head to the ruins Alaric is researching at, Claret proposes that Philia, Naomi, and herself join. Since it takes 4 days to get to and Naomi will wake up in 5, she thinks it will be for the best. At the party reaches the ruins, the notice nondescript dark robes. They claim they are at the ruins to do archaeology and that only member of their group are allowed on site.

Charles performs come compelling magic and makes a friend out of one of the cult guards. He gives the party robes and takes them into the ruins. These ruins are a ruined fort on top with some sort of odd temple below. As the party descends, they notice dead corpses killed by what the cult calls the ‘Temple Guardian.’ Philla takes the party to where Alaric was but he was missing – assumed captured. Claret, Philia, and Naomi stay there to research while the party moves on in the temple.

The party discovers an injured cult party. Some fancy talking from Timothy, the cult party believes they are replaced and leave. Soon after the party comes across the Temple Guardian. Gwen discovers the greatsword is evil but the 10-foot tall animated plate isn’t. Tim’s spells lead to Frumps joining the battle. They psychically disturb the Guardian and tell the party some information. Tim puts it together and has Gwen disarm the sword. the armor falls apart. She takes custody of the evil blade. Zak’Hei informs his master that it is a failed version of the experiment he went through, it is mentally unstable.

In the pummel of the weapon has the key to open the next door. Down another stairway they discover more warriors lost in time. Here they find a white robed figure frozen in time that party deems a commander. There is a black-marble rectangle that Tim messes around with and learns in some sort of console that has lost it’s energy.

Above a cult squad approaches and the party meets them. A fight and some sheepish activities leads to the defeat of the enemy soldiers. One was a cleric of some sort who worshiped a god that uses a ruined tower as a holy symbol. A short rest later, some more poking around the console, and frustrations leads to the party returning to those back on the first floor.

The party arrives as Claret returns with the previously incarcerated Alaric. News of the Guardian’s defeat, opens doors, and console leads to everyone heading to the bottom. Alaric has blue beads that seem to power the device. He also has a book Charles takes that is instructions written in Celestial. Apparently the temple they are in is the third version of an ancient floating island by the name of Tal’Nox. Originally, this island was a fortress that floated around the Abyss. Somehow the island arrived in the Prime, was shot down, restored by Ondaire, then crashed in it’s current location and transformed into a temple to Shiela.

Now with power, the party opens the hatch under them to discover a great library. Open activating the Tal’Nox, a green lightning beam strikes Gwen’s earrings and bounces to the time-frozen commander. A non-damaging explosion frees the commander and Gwen catches her. The ‘commander’ is some sort of female, dwarven, monk to Shiela. While confused, her voice remains confident as first. The longer they talk with her the more she reveals that she is in some sort of great mental pain. Questions seem to cause her pain as she fails to remember certain things – like her name. Before she passes out, she tells the party that she has two names tattooed on her arm; one has to be saved, one has to be murdered. One name is Gwen’s full name, the other is Demetrix.

Tal’Nox takes fight and the party must decide the next course of action. Naomi awakens in a day.


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