SAFE 132

As of 832, the Nation of Layzondair is a primarily human nation which is viewed as the center of culture in the known world. King Andris Cothar VII has started a revolution of the arts with a focus on nature. The capital, Ondaira, flourish from this movement bringing an economic boon to the entirety of the nation.

S.A.F.E. #132 is buried in a cave system approximately 50 miles from Ondaira. The path is miles off the road to an area where civilization is sparse. The cave seemed uninhabited or previously cleared out. You’re uncertain how far down you’ve traveled but you’re fairly certain you could make your way out. The S.A.F.E. door awaits you opened.

This specific S.A.F.E. is the smallest model, only fitting you and five others. The facility is in the shape of a ‘T.’ The entrance is a common room – a lobby. One half of the top is a kitchen and dining area, the other half is a training facility. The stem of the ‘T’ consists of individual bedrooms and restrooms.

As days pass, you begin to feel effects of the magic making you tired. You sleep longer each day and your energy levels lessen. The process is entirely painless and you find it quite relaxing. Each time you eyelids become heavy, you’re uncertain if you’ll open them again before three centuries pass.

SAFE 132

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