Oakheart Clan

The Oakheart clan is a large and ancient bloodline stretching back through the earliest dwarven histories. Mainly known as a family of smiths and craftsmen, the clan is not without celebrated ancestors that have helped forge the great Dwarven kingdom. Loyal to the crown the Oakhearts form a major backbone in the dwarven monarchy. The primary blood line resides in the capital and is engaged in numerous economic enterprises throughout the kingdom.

The clan is large with many cadet branches however two branches stand out and rival the direct bloodline.

Oakhearts of Kalendorr

Intrepid subterranean explorers, the Oakhearts of Kalendorr dig deep into the ground. As a result they are often the first to uncover the deep threats lurking in the pits of the earth. Yet these Oakhearts have not floundered. The mine the most perilous veins and stand as vanguards against the underdark denizens.

Oakhearts of Greenvale

Descendants of the famous military leader Algot Oakheart, the Oakhearts of Greenvale lord over the fertile Greenvale. The family has become farmers and winemakers enjoying considerable wealth from their endeavors. They are simple people, but fiercely loyal; fiercely dwarven.

Oakheart Clan

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