Greenvale and Algot Tower

Greenvale is a long, wide valley situated on the southern slopes of Jerin mountains on the edge of the Dwarven Kingdom of Hyjem. The area was once the home to humanoid tribes of orcs until it was conquered and pacified by Thegn Algot Oakheart. In recognition of this accomplishment the king of the dwarves granted the valley to Algot and his descendants.

For nine generations the Greenvale branch of the Oakheart clan has held the valley and harvested its wealth. The soil of the vale is fertile and supports the growth of many crops not found elsewhere in the kingdom. Chief among these are the grapes used for the famously sweet Greenvale wines.

The primary settlement in the valley is the town of Glenloch situated on the lake of the same name that divides the valley. The town is an important weigh-station for trade caravans leaving the kingdom to the south. The lords of Greenvale, the Oakhearts, make their home in their keep, Algot Tower on the northern valley ridge.

The southern entrance to the valley is dominated by the Dalendorr Watch. Originally the southern most military encampment in the kingdom, the establish has expanded into a small fortified settlement and religious retreat. Here is found the Abbey of Dalendorr dedicated to Ulaa, goddess of the mountains and hills.

Greenvale and Algot Tower

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