Saint Cybella


The tale of this hero is both long and tragic. This elven paladin served Pholtus and fought during after the change in the world. While her god was present, she paced the ‘One True Way’ as Pholtus’ paladins do. Once he disappeared, the revered saint lost all her divine powers. Her martial skills kept her alive for over the next hundred years. Though she could no longer feel Pholtus in her prayers, he still lived in her heart. The saint continued following the One True Way until the path lead her to Shuirch’s mountain grove.

The paladin fell to a powerful demon’s illusion. To Cybella, she thought she was raising and protecting orphans. In reality, a demon was using her power to create fey-demon hybrids through live birth. While the saint never knowingly did evil, she was the tool of heinous experimentation into the party put her life expanding centuries to a final rest. The result of her soul is up to Pholtus – if he’s even still alive.


Saint Cybella

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