Connor Marshall

"The only way to tell if you put in a hard days work are to check if you hands are dirty"


Connor is an outdoorsman. He is lean and built while keeping a slender frame. He stands tall as if always trying to see into the distance. His clothes are somewhat dirty and marked with stains. You can see wood dust along with hand prints and smudges from pine sap on his leather apron. His hands are rough and weathered. His knuckles tough and durable. He is a crafts man. Not afraid to get dirt under his finger nails. His skin is tan or sun burned, you are not quite sure.

He dons leather armor. He carries a bow and quiver and a woodsman’s ax as if it were an extension of his own body. Connor is quite skilled in accuracy with his bow and power with his ax.


Connor was an only child to his parents. While most boys went to academy to learn, Connor was home helping his father build their lumber business. The skills he acquired from years for helping his dad vary. He is quite a handy guy to have around.

In his teens years he joined the Rangers guild. The rangers taught him how to live off the land and how to live in the face of danger. He tracked, He hunted, He helped townsfolk. Many years later his parents fell ill and Connor had to take up the family business. Marshall Lumber was now in his possession and would soon start a family of his own. But darks days came over and he signed up for the S.A.F.E Program.

Connor Marshall

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