Harlow Maereah

Blithe, spontaneous, free


The Aasimar is the product of a Malak Half Celestial (mother) and Human, Harlow never knew her father. It wouldn’t be later into her life where she learned that her father was a dashing-roguish character that swept her mother off her feet and left nearly directly after. While she always missed the presence of a father figure, she oddly respects her father and his abilities. Harlow’s mother was a performer, a flutist, who wanted her daughter to follow her path.

Her mother’s unsolved murder put her custody of her uncle, a lord, at age thirteen. Although they shared blood, Harlow was treated more like a servant than family. Her skill with music and abilities at sleight of hand would entertain guests. She’s eventually meet her only playmate who apparently some ageless, fifteen year old looking, unstable, human girl, who can transform into weapons named Sola. Although Sola was older, Harlow’s body was more mature by the time of their meeting thus she took a role of older sister.

When Harlow was eighteen, her uncle was murdered. The rumors said Sola did it in his sleep. Harlow didn’t really care for her uncle or living situation. With Sola taken away and her distaste for Malak society, she left. She decided to live off the world similar to the stories of her father. She wondered if she’d ever meet her father or Sola again. Every now and then she returns to check on her home.

Her knowledge of deception, music, and slight of hand somehow lead her down the path of becoming a self proclaimed charlatan. She enjoyed the arcane and knew enough about the various means of fortune telling to pretend like she knew a lot more about fortune telling. Even to herself, she isn’t sure why she started the con – boredom being the best reason she could think of. The thrill and social interactions with others would be close seconds.

Before the party with Sola found her, Harlow traveled from town to town pretending to be a great fortune teller and wizard. Her deception skills told her someday she’d be part of something more important.


Harlow Maereah

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