Gwenellyn Oakheart


Gwenellyn is tall (for a dwarf) and would almost able to pass for a painfully short human if it was not for her broad shoulders and round cherub cheeks. Except for her bangs which hung over her brow to her eyes, her blond hair was cropped, and styled haphazardly around her face. In human eyes there was no mistaking her for a dwarf, but her unusual height and sinewy build probably made her look a little malnourished to her own people. She moves with a confident stride that matched the optimism in her eyes and smile. Despite her athletic nature there is still something refined and reserved about her presence.

Gwenellyn has begun her martial training and seeks to take the Oath of the Ancients. She is often seen clad in chain mail holding a steel shield and warhammer. Outside of combat she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty; favoring casual working clothing.


Fifth child of the Oakheart of Greenvale clan, Gwenellyn grew up among a large and loving family. The fertile valley provided the family with significant wealth, but not without the need for hardwork. Gwenellyn’s childhood could be described as a rustic prosperity where she worried for nothing but was still connected to the value of a hard day’s work.

As a younger child of the family and a female, options for Gwenellyn’s adulthood were few and restrictive. The idea of being married off and sent back into the heart of the dwarven mountain kingdom did not suit her well. Instead she decided to leave her home and join the acolytes of Ulaa at the Abbey of Dalendorr.

On her way to the abbey, Gwenellyn met Osrik Feyhammer, a paladin of the ancient oath. Osrik, an altruistic crusader, convinced Gwenellyn to join him as his pupil. During her journeys with Osrik she met and befriended Gethin Winterbite. Together the three worked to better the world and avert the coming cataclysm. When the inevitable became apparent, Osrik encouraged Gwenellyn and Gethin to join SAFE.

Gwenellyn Oakheart

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