Gethin Winterbite


Age: 50
Height: 4’ 1”
Weight: 125
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Fair
Hair: Red

Gethin is thin for a dwarf, the result of living of the land without the plenty of an economy. He wears red and grey robes over his armor. A little off-putting to those who have spent a lot of time around dwarves; he only maintains a small goatee and short hair. This is a matter of practicality to him. Outdoor life can be rough and there is no need to keep an abundance of hair, especially without other dwarves to pressure him into it.

Gethin is free with information, up for anything, and thirsty for knowledge. He is also uncouth, gauche, easily diverted. He is kind-hearted but not well socialized. Gethin is the kind to voice disagreement but will do as the group wants if outvoted. His priorities, quelle surprise, generally revolve around nature. Gethin has entered S.A.F.E. to assist the restoration of the natural world after the cataclysm. He also values all natural creatures, including humanoids, and wants to help ensure the continuation of the civilized races. Gethin also loves alcohol and jokes although his lack of time with people opens the door for inappropriate though benign behavior.

On a religious level Gethin reveres nature and not individual gods. His viewpoint is that nature should be the focus and the gods of nature (at least peripherally) should be in reverence of nature as he is despite the fact they are far more powerful than him.


Gethin does not know his biological parents. He was raised by a human druid known as “Winterbite.” This relationship introduced Gethin to the Circle of the Moon.

Once Gethin could benefit from the locomotion of animal forms he struck out on his own. He flew to many different climates and terrains; forests, plains, mountains, swamps, tropical islands, and even arctic tundras and cities. In his travels Gethin observed animals in their interactions with each other and reflected on the similarities between animals and the various humanoids. He came to appreciate the ecosystem of civilized people with all its imperfections and started making friends with some people.

One of these friends was a paladin named Osrik Feyhammer. And Osrik introduced Gethin to Gwenellyn Oakheart. Gwenellyn and Gethin became good friends who adventured for a couple of years

Osrik is a warden who warned Gethin and Gwenellyn of the coming “invasion” and told them of S.A.F.E. The two friends decided to join.

Gethin Winterbite

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