Dr. Edgard Bancroft

One man's vision...


A lifelong researcher of the Shine or the Unsung. In the year 814, he believed he cracked the ‘code,’ realizing that the location is a doomsday calendar for some sort of invasion coming in the next century. Edgard is trained as both an academic scholar and wizard.

He single-handedly founded Warden, a group of people working to bring Project S.A.F.E. to life. The world’s leaders who listened to him either didn’t believe him or couldn’t put resources towards a potential invasion.

In a mad rush, Warden developed the technology, magic, the S.A.F.E.s themselves, and recruited those to inhabit them. It is unknown if Edgard’s obsession will take him to the invasion or 300 years ahead.


Dr. Edgard Bancroft

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