Project S.A.F.E.

Session 1: Wake Up Call

AloraDoor.jpgRight on queue, the residents of S.A.F.E. #132 awaken. Three hundred years passing takes a slight toll on the body, causing sickness for all, temporary blindness for others, and change of race for a few. For Charles and Timothy Baker, something altered their human existence and transformed them into Tieflings. After cleaning up, changing (clothes), and eating – the party opened the S.A.F.E. door to see the effects of the last 300 years.

The cave which hid the S.A.F.E. had changed. The tunnel faced a new direction, bioluminescent mushrooms touched the ground, and new stalagmites formed. A strange, aggressive, blind, hive-minded, and watery pack of kobalds attacked and were defeated. During the fight, a scream was heard from ahead. There sat an injured human sorcerer by the name of Klint; apparently one of the kobalds attacked him.

After patching up Klint’s wound, he told the party he came here to investigate some ancient-house sized artifact that was supposed to activate today. Apparently his group takes interest in such things and bought this information at a high price. The party showed off the S.A.F.E. and he mentioned others were coming to help him out. On their way out, the party heard a sad-singing coming from below a cave bridge.

Two horses were found outside: one looked as if the rider wanted nothing to be known about it, the other the complete opposite. Klint mentioned a settlement to the North-West, thus the party headed in that direction. Upon leaving the cave, the party spotted six other riders heading towards the cave. Strange day/night cycles and parts of the ground raised up unnaturally from the ground. On the top of a remote hill, they saw a building, the Fallick Inn.

Despite no roads leading to the establishment, two people worked there (John & Susanna) and four others were customers. After buying weak ale, the party started talking to a women sitting by herself with an adorable black puppy in her arms. The human woman’s name was Claret and she was waiting for her business partner to return from a job. the fantastical story of the party’s awakening and time traveling peaked her interest. The conversation lead them to believe the voice singing under the bridge was Claret’s partner.

Concerned, Claret said she’d be leaving in the morning for the cave. Quite helpfully and selfishly, the party offered to accompany her to retrieve her ally. To the party’s surprise, the ‘strange’ events happening in the world are considered normal for this time period. Where the strange kobalds attacks, the party discovered large centipedes inside the clean picked skeletons which weren’t there earlier. The S.A.F.E. door was closed and inside was Glen, the cowardly mercenary. His group was ambushed by the centipedes and he ran for his life. Klint was the leader of a group who follows Delma and look to destroy ancient artifacts.

Glan took his horse and left while the party searched for Clara’s friend. Climbing down the bit under the bridge, they discovered a malnourished, sprained ankle, and beat up unconscious half-elf woman. After healing and feeding her, they left. In the morning, the woman, Phillia, came conscience and was both confused and ecstatic that she was rescued. Philla became enamored by the tale of the party, the time travel, and the race changes. She mentioned a few times that she wants to find other S.A.F.E. and talk to everyone from the past.

Apparently it was Philia who purchased the information about the house-sized artifact. Klint’s group later meet up with her and she thought they had similar goals. She learned the truth and tried to hide this knowledge. When she was finally alone with Klint she tried to stop him. While she did stab him, he shoved her off the land bridge where she was found. Claret and Philla thanked the party multiple times but tell them they are behind schedule and have to head to Ondaira. They tell the party to use a tongue twister as a password and to look for them if they ever make it there.

The night the party met Clara, they also talked to three members of the Freighters Tribe. Apparently they extort standing settlements for gold and good. The ‘town’ of Denton is going to be bullied soon so the party heads off East to it’s direction. After a few hours of traveling, they come across a red door in the middle of a field.

Inside was another realm where they were met by a butler with a book asking them to sign. The landscape was all blurry and they could only make out each other. The butler lead them to a room that had pillars, a tea set, a bird bath, and a gazebo. Here they met Isleen. As the eldest of nine sisters, she has taken it upon herself to inform the divine casters of the S.A.F.E. Program about the current deity situation. The sisters were once mortal and one day all received divine powers as the the gods either died or disappeared. The sisters don’t know why it happened, why they were selected, that they aren’t replacements, aren’t usurpers, and not gods. Prayers to the old gods are still being answered somehow but at the expense of these sisters and the balance of the world. Isleen believes if the casters know the truth, the disturbance of these spells may disappear.

After the butler showed the party out, they continued their path to Denton.


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