Project S.A.F.E.

Session 2: Doughnuts, Crabcakes, & Vegetable Oatmeal

Upon reaching Denton, the party discovers ‘Mayor’ Adlin speaking to an armored barbarian – Ulkran of Calda. They appear to have words and the barbarian leaves. The party discovers the people of Denton willingly pay tribute to the Freighters out of fear and desperation. With only so few people and non warriors, they’ve never seen another option.

In the town’s inn, the party discuss tactics with Ulkran and come up with a two part strategy to remove the Freighters from the region. The party would defend Denton and Ulkran’s group would find and hit the core of this Freighter branch. Until the attack in two days, the party would train the townsfolk to defend themselves. Ulkran’s group offered arms.

The battle with the Freighters was tough but the party was successful. They take a day to recover and wait for Ulkran’s men to return. That night they drink and eat Timothy’s doughnuts. Ulkran speaks of him being dishonored by his clan and of an ongoing battle with undead by the name of the Scavs to the east.

While the party plans on heading to Ondaira, one of Ulkran’s men say that they found someone just walking in a field that said he was from 300 years in the past like them. Upon arriving at their campsite, they discover a medium sized dead deformed crab standing in exploded guts. Before the man died, he mentioned that he came from the south.

The party travels south to discover a S.A.F.E. filled with mucus and foul odors. Upon closer examination, the find that the S.A.F.E. is a double decker and all the patrons exploded in their beds from similar crab creatures. On the bottom floor, they discover all the crabs piled up upon each other. At this point the decide to leave. Four ‘Slip Crabs’ attempt to stop them but the party kills them and escape.

Feeling disturbed and confused from that S.A.F.E., the party starts their trek to Ondaira – stopping at Fallick Inn on the way. Here they rest the night and find Phillia. She says she was doing business here but also was hoping to run into the party again. apparently Claret discovered something about the Baker cousin’s ‘issue’ that she wanted to share in person. Since the party was headed there, they agree to go with her.

That night, Philia tells the party the story of Ulkran of Calda. This nomadic group of humans and Hill Dwarves once lived east of the Taviea forest. They are strong and fought the Scavs for years. Eventually the numbers became too great and they were pushed to the tree line. When they asked the Wood Elves there to allow them to pass, they refused. They lead to an eventual war. The Caldarens took the forest, killed the Wood Elf King, but assimilated the elves into their ‘nation.’ Ulkran, son of the chief, was a general at the time. He was awarded the Wood Elf King’s daughter as a war bride – the greatest honor of the Calda. Unfortunately she hates Ulkran and his people. Out of respect and love towards her, he doesn’t lay with her and the result of not producing a child is what lead to his dishonor. Warriors who fight west of the trees are dishonored. Philia has a love for dramatic love stories.

After a three day ride, the party reaches Ondaira. There are over one-hundred people sleeping outside the keep’s walls. The largest size S.A.F.E. opened and Ondaira doesn’t know how to feed / protect the people – their is no room. All these people are crafters and builders. The party speaks to Trey, the leader of Ondaira and offers their aid to Seon, a mountain dwarf, to beat back the goblins so the city can expand. Since the party are more expendable than the keep’s guards, Trey agrees to this. They leave tomorrow.

Until then, the party and Philia meet up with Claret. She has ‘acquired’ a tome from a research facility to the west. One page talks about turning creatures into demons and another page specifically about Tiefling creation. She tells the party of its location, the fact that it has been abandoned for over fifty years, and offers them a place to stay for the evening.


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