Project S.A.F.E.

Session 3: Baker Act

The party sets off with Seon’s group to eliminate a den of goblins. A quick confrontation turns into a battle of endurance as more and more savage goblins run into the fray. Eventually the leader arrives and is also killed. Beyond the goblin hideout exists a goblin town. An elder, Gohlan, could speak common and told the party that they are different and not violent. If they could be left in peace they would not be an issue. The party agrees and leaves them alone.

The following day the party heads west to the mountain the demonic laboratory hidden in the mountains. Rain begins to fall as a pair of hippogryphs descend upon the party. Some unexpected sheeping happens but no one is harmed. The facility is discovered, worn down and abandoned. After a hall of empty display cases, the party discovers three passages: one caved in, one indicating weapons, and one indicating men.

In the weapon path they find a sword inside a massive demon gorilla statue. Here the party discovers a timid blonde boy claiming his father is the sword inside the gorilla. He too is a weapon and spirit, he can’t leave the room unless the demon is defeated and he bonds with someone. The party accepts the challenge, removes the sword, and defeats the ape. Impressed by Gwen’s melee prowess, Zack’Hei bonds with her but has slept since.

The last path lead to a human woman laying in the middle of the floor with butterfly wings drawn in chalk coming from her back garbed in gothic attire. During a mental conversation she mentions that her name is Naomi and that there is another her. The party extracts her from the facility but she tells them where they can find a book of experiments she hid.

On the way out, two red gorilla demons similar to the one defeat sandwich the party in revenge. A more powerful demon arrives and tells them that the party still has use to the ‘Old One’ and that they are not to be harmed at this time.

Later the party awakens Naomi to find out that she is a timid and terrified woman. She mentions that she was once human despite looking completely human. She clings to Gwen in fear of men. It is inferred that she was raped as well as experimented on. One night on the way back to Ondaire she made an uncharacteristic pass at Charles. The current theory is that she has another presence within her mind.

The party reaches Ondaire and hand Claret the book achieved. She looks into figuring out what is wrong with Naomi while the party considers looking for old Ondaire’s bakery.


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